“The Lord is my shepherd...He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.” (Psalm 23:1–2)

Martine, the family and I have been away camping this week to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary! We're grateful to see God work through all the challenges and joys of the last two decades together. We're also grateful to be doing the coming decades alongside you guys!

For almost a year now, one of our prayers has been for God to lead us into his future for us (You can read how God was already seeding his ideas in this post on prayer in September last year). After two thoughts on the limits and blessings of how God has led us thus far, I'm excited to share below a small part of what God has begun to show us.

One of the unique ingredients of Open Road's "Beach Church" is that we have an inbuilt limit to the number of people we can have on the beach. Despite having a huge park to meet in, it can be challenging to hear if there are lots of people around. However, in a world that seems obsessed with "growth" (churches included!), the natural limits of our size can lead us to see the alternative opportunities and perspectives we may not otherwise notice.

Whenever a church becomes fixated on growing, we can easily take our eyes off the number one goal of discipleship - to individually become like Christ. When success becomes about becoming a certain type or size of church we forget that success is supposed to be about becoming a particular type of person and people.

In the very real sense of the word, "church growth" is about encouraging each other to grow to become more like Jesus. When more people come to faith and find Jesus in a personal way it's not about "our church" growing but about God's family - Jesus called it God's Kingdom - growing.

This means that we have a personal spiritual responsibility to see each other grow ourselves and then share with others in seeing God's Kingdom expand by looking to help people beyond our church who are also looking to find and follow Jesus themselves.

It's with these two perspectives on "growth" that I'm excited to share some very small steps towards a future God has led us to.

About a year ago I met a lady from a regional Baptist church (we are also a QLD Baptist Church) who was stoked to share that their weekly attendance had increased from 14 to 16! After she said that they usually watch DVDs for the weekly message/sermon I asked if she would like myself or others to come and preach and lead worship. She was very enthusiastic!

Earlier this year in a conversation with our elders I shared about this opportunity as one of many options for our church to "grow". Dan, Paul and I came to a rapid agreement that this was the simple, exciting way God was calling us to grow his kingdom, not our own church.

So in the coming months, we are taking a very small step of faith to offer the time, heart and freedom that God has gifted to us at Open Road to bless another local church with a small worship team, "beach church"-style message and some prayer ministry. While we obviously can't foresee any details beyond this single opportunity, we will be encouraged by Jesus to be faithful with each step, especially this first one! I know from experience that obeying God always brings great blessings, so I'm excited 😄

As I've thought and prayed about this over some time, I'm bemused that God has shifted my mind from seeking new resources (buildings, facilities etc) for our church, to see how we could offer what we already have to bless other churches beyond ourselves. As with our giving, we are not called to focus on people giving to our church, but on being a church that is looking to be generous to others.

I'm confident that this is the small step God is asking of us. I'm asking for you all to first be willing to pray for this step. Secondly, if God prompts you, consider joining Martine and I as we take the first steps in the beautiful adventure God has prepared for us all.

For the most part, and almost all of us, there will be no immediate change or impact. However, it's important to remind each other that our journey with and for Jesus is never static or dull and he is currently moving amongst and gently leading us forward.

Let's enjoy the excitement of God's good hand guiding us into the kind of "growth" he has planned for us.

See you Sunday!


P.S. Thanks for reading this far...or at least skimming to the bottom :)


Sun 17 Mar 4pm Moffat Gathering - Dan + Martine away for the weekend
Sun 24 Mar 4pm Moffat Gathering - Baptisms anyone?
Fri 29 Mar NO Good Friday Service
Sun 31 Mar Easter Sun - 6am Shelly Beach Dawn Service


Sun 07 Apr 4pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 14 Apr 4pm Worship Gathering: 209 Burgum Rd, North Maleny
Sun 21 Apr 4pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 28 Apr 4pm Moffat Gathering - Baptisms anyone?


Sun 05 May 4pm Moffat Gathering (no worship event due to long weekend)
Sun 12 May 4pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 19 May 4pm Moffat Gathering - get baptised!
Sun 26 May 4pm Moffat Gathering

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