NOTE: This Sunday we are gathering from 3 pm at City Life Baptist, 7 Gregson Place, Caloundra! Please join us for arvo tea, worship, and communion!

G'day Open Road!

I hope you're sensing the peace of God after our encouragement from Jesus not to let our hearts be troubled or afraid!

"For I decided that while I was with you I would forget everything except Jesus Christ, the one who was crucified."
1 Corinthians 2:2 NLT

This is quite bold and challenging, isn't it?!

Do we know Christ!?

Do we know the power of his death and resurrection in our lives?!

brown wooden cross on beach during daytime
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In recent years, and especially in recent months, Martine and I have been reminded that knowing Jesus is to be continually, and intentionally our top shared priority. This Sunday we have an opportunity to make a small, but significant step towards keeping Jesus front and centre in each other's lives.

This Sunday is our monthly gathering where we will be worshipping Jesus together! I strongly encourage you to come and join us.

As you know, our vision is that each of us become Fully Alive in Jesus. Every time we gather like we will on Sunday it's another small step in pursuing this Jesus-focused, Jesus-fuelled life for each other.

So, while I enjoy having you all there, I'm asking you to come for reasons beyond attendance and vibes. I'm not inviting you to join us because it's "good" to attend church each week.

Rather, I invite you to come as an act of pursuing Jesus. To come and worship him. To share in the celebration of his death and resurrection life! To join others in actively pursuing him. To share a simple time of connecting with others to be mutually encouraged in life and faith.

Cheers, God Bless and see you Sunday!


Coming Up


Sun 07 Jul Worship - 3pm @ City Life Baptist, Gregson Place
Sun 14 Jul 3pm Moffat Gathering
Wed 24 Jul 530pm Deacons Meeting
Sun 21 July 3pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 28 Jul 3pm Moffat Gathering

Worship + Prayer Gatherings

Sun 04 Aug Worship + Communion - Venue TBC
Wed 14 Aug Prayer Night - 646pm
Sun 01 Sep "Members Night": Worship, Stories, Meal! Venue TBC
Sun 29 Sep Worship + Communion - Venue TBC
Sun 03 Nov Worship + Communion - Venue TBC
Wed 13 Nov Prayer Night - 646pm
Sun 01 Dec "Members Night": Worship, Stories, Christmas Party! Venue TBC

Our Mission

To help people find and follow Jesus.

Our Rhythms

Get to Know Jesus: how are you getting to know Jesus this week?
Invite people into your life: who can you intentionally open up your life to?
Gather and get involved: who can you connect, listen, share or pray with this weekend?

Our Giving

We are slowly being led to needs for our giving kitty! Please take time to ask God if there is someone in need around you whom God wants you/us to help!

Last month's giving: $10,964
Last month's expenses: $6,515
Balance: $55,378
Giving Kitty Oct-May: $5,000
Giving out Oct-May: $3,680

"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." - Proverbs 19:17

If you would like to support what we are doing and our giving to those in need, you can get started giving to Open Road to meet the needs of our church or get in touch with any questions you may have.

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