“Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity”.
1 Timothy 4:12

The premise of this famous scripture is that older people DO look down on young people, even when youth are seeking God. What's worse is that the older generations often criticise young people based on criteria that is in direct opposition to God's heart for them.

This becomes clear in the Apostle Paul's words to Timothy. Paul is saying, let the things that truly matter - your speech, conduct, love, faith and purity - overshadow the criticisms of things that really don't matter.

We can imagine these criticisms might be because every adult has intimitate knowledge of the world's evaluation system - status, possessions and reputation.

As Paul affirms and encourages the young people, he is giving a very subtle rebuke to everyone else. He is outlining God's criteria for a thriving life of faith: words and conduct that look like Christ.

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We are seeing some of these wonderful marks of God's hand on the youth in our own church right now! I often hear people say, "I was so encouraged to see so many young people caring for and including each other in the surf after church on Sunday" (if you haven't noticed, take a look next week), or, "How great to see our young people worshipping God so passionately"!

In many ways, the older generations are being encouraged by the speech, conduct, love, faith and purity of the young ones in our church. Of course, most of them have encountered fewer challenges than we have and are less mature. However, that doesn't diminish what God can teach us through their fresh love for God.

Thankfully, I don't sense we are looking down on them, but allowing their faith to inspire us all. I want to encourage us all to continue loving them, celebrating their growing faith and making space for new expressions of faith.

As some of you will recall, I initially felt that "success" as a church should be measured by our neighbours and the next generation coming to find and follow Jesus just like us. It's lovely to see God giving us a taste of what his future looks like as we earnestly and simply seek to share him with those we love the most.

One way we can encourage our youth is by supporting what God's doing in their life. You could join them on Friday nights, or sponsor one of the junior leaders at the upcoming Youth Alpha Leadership Retreat called "Spheres" (see below). We have a number of our leaders going and a good number of our Grade 10-12's keen to attend.

If you want to sponsor one of them please hit REPLY and let us know! We will meet some of the needs via our Giving Kitty. Importantly, if you are keen to pray, please pray that they would hold onto their newfound love for God!

Cheers and see you Sunday as we GATHER to encourage each other!


Alpha Spheres

Investing in the next generation

Alpha has been making a huge impact on the lives of Australians year on year! Their Youth Alpha program is fantastic and a number of the Coastal Youth crew have recently been invited to join their leadership retreat in April.

If your teenager is keen, get them involved. If you're keen to support one of them financially, hit REPLY and let me know! The cost for the retreat is $199/attendee.


Our very own Linda White, chaplain at CalCC, is listed on the website recommending the program and retreat!

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS)

Investing in your spiritual health

If you're keen to learn biblical insights and practical tools so you can grow both your relationship with God and emotional capacity amidst all the challenges of life, I want to encourage you to explore the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course. EHS's insights and tools will help you cultivate a deeper connection with God, inner peace and authentic relationships in a deeply personal and transformative way.

Martine and I have met the creators of the course and invested a lot of time learning to put into practice some of the teaching.

We'd wholeheartedly recommend te resources, but if any ladies are keen to do this course with others, you can get in touch with Renee Moody on Sunday!

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