We host a worship gathering most months. Below are some resources for worship as well as links to worship songs, lyrics and scripture we use for specific gatherings.

June 2nd, 2024 Gathering

Resources for worship

We like to keep worship as simple and focused on Jesus as we can.

As you lead people in 2,000 years of Christian worship, aim to lead us in songs that are:

  1. Easy to sing - especially for those of us who aren't used to singing!
  2. Enjoyable to lead - leading worship should be a joy!
  3. Align with our mission - to help people Find + Follow Jesus.

That's it!

While we are still developing our approach to our worship gatherings, here are two playlists you can check out. This list is for our upcoming worship gatherings. Please listen on repeat so you're ready to sing along with us :)

This longer list includes a few songs that we hope you enjoy singing to as we follow Jesus together! Listen at home, in the car, the gym or with some mates.