The First Followers course is designed to help small groups learn how the first followers of Jesus (the first "Christians") lived out their faith together.

The course highlights the stories and teachings of Jesus and how he informed how the first Christians came to function as a church. The hope is that we become incredibly familiar with Jesus and learn to not only share his message but how we too can follow him together.

Download the First Followers below.

First Followers was adapted from The Commands of Christ.

Leading the Course

The course is designed for every participant to be involved! Below is a brief run-down of each gathering and the key parts to each role. This is taylored to a simple gathering that begins with a meal.

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Role: Welcome, Share, Prayer
After the meal, gather everyone together, ask for an update since you last met. Focus on the goals people set the previous week, but ensure there is space for people to share anything significant in their week.

Role: Vision, Church Circle
Share the vision of the course - to learn from Jesus how to follow him and share him with others.

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Role: Command, Story
Introduce Jesus' command and ask someone to read the scripture. Tell the story (paraphrased from memory, not word-for-word) for the week. Telling the story out loud familiarises us all with the heart and 'natural' retelling of Jesus' story.

Role: Read, Discover God's truth
Lead the group to read the story that was just told, then pray asking God's Spirit to speak to you all. Using the Head, Heart, Hands model of discussion, lead the group to understand what God is saying to you individually and as a group. Key for this role is to hear what Holy Spirit is saying to others through God's Word, not to have the answers all yourself.

> Look Ahead

Role: Commit to action
Ask people to share if God is inviting them to any action for the week? Lead the group in prayer for the people and actions God is inviting them to.