We recently asked our church community if being a part of the fam had made a difference in their lives. Below were the responses we received.

Whether your starting out in life or well retired, you might just find a new friend amongst us!

Elani, Nathan Mark Maritz. The only ones brave enough to send a photo!

Mark, Father, Teacher

My family has been attending Open Road for the past 7 months and we have seen huge improvements in our lives due to the church. My son, Nathan who is 10 has been accepted into an amazing group of children who play together, love times of fellowship, and learn from Pastor Dan at our weekly meetings. It has inspired my wife, Elani and me to dive into scripture more, and to listen to podcasts and devotionals to help us follow Jesus. We have made great friendships and enjoyed social times and Bible study with church members. We look forward to all our church events and love seeing new people from every demographic and age group joining each week. Dan and Martine are dynamic, authentic leaders and are supported by an amazing leadership team.

Jeneve, Nurse

My partner and I started coming to Open Road in April 2022 after moving up from Sydney. From our very first Sunday, everyone at this church was so welcoming and provided an amazing opportunity to join a community of like-minded believers. Open Road has provided a wonderful space to grow deeper in our faith and settle into Sunshine Coast in a family-like environment.

Merrick, Consultant

Open Road has been a much needed place of refuge from the business of life and the challenges our family has faced this past year. It has offered the opportunity to build strong community relationships, to receive encouragement and guidance, and to serve others in need. Our family has benefited greatly from being part of the Open Road family.

Ben + Katie, New Parents

We have loved being a part of a new ‘Young Families’ group that started up at Open Road. To find people and do life alongside those in the same season of life. We have greatly benefited from these friendships found at Open Road!

Luanne, Teacher

Gathering with like minded people, while the kids play and connect, before sitting down to take part in celebrations and simple, poignant sermons at the beach setting. Open road Is everything my family love- community and a commitment to God.

Tanya, Mother

Having a place to go and be a part of a community of people who love you just as you are,  encourage you, help you when you need help has been so transformative to our family.

Everyone is happier calmer and more secure in the community of people who love and support them. Our children want to go outside and play sports and go to the beach instead of playing computer games which has been wonderful. My children want to go church to see their friends, play footy, talk the adults who are so kind and supportive.

I don’t think we have ever been happier both as a family and particularly individually (especially those in our family who struggle with depression/mental health) and as a family group together we just enjoy our time together a lot more.

Josiah, 12

I have lots of friends now and get to play footy every week and love hanging out with everyone to watch the footy and state of origin. Dan always makes me feel welcome and I can always understand what he is talking about I love going to church every week.

Tahlia, 14

Coastal Youth and Open Road Church has helped me open up to people and make great new friends who help me feel more confident in myself. Dan always helps me to feel encouraged welcome and helps me to be so eager to learn more.

Matt, New Dad!

Being able to gather each week at Open Road has helped me and my family through some tough times. It has been a joy to have others who are more wise and discerning to lead, encourage and go out of their way to help us live life!

Kate, Mother, Baker

I found the true Jesus in my early twenties when I began questioning my purpose in the world. I found my purpose in him and have been following him ever since. With the help of other Christians to keep exploring what the Bible reveals about Jesus, my awe of who he is just keeps growing. To be a part of Open Road who are focussed on helping anyone to find and follow Jesus for themselves is a joy and privilege.

Gerald, Counselor

I feel that a sense of belonging and community embodied in connection is vital for people today. So many people in today’s world are isolated and feel lost and alone.

The church provides a welcoming sense of importance for everyone, through a smile, a conversation, a sense of caring that people are hungry for in the world we live in.

A core part of belonging is also a sense of purpose aligned with a faith perspective which gives each person affiliated with the church an opportunity to reach out to others.

Finally, community builds people together through caring and sharing in each others lives.

Sid + Betty, Retired

We like that everybody  gets an opportunity  to share ,  especially  the younger ones. As  older people, it's great to see the next generation growing up in God.

Fred, Retired

The Open Road gatherings are exactly that. An open invitation to anyone wanting to connect with somebody who will listen and make them feel welcome. Children playing games on the open fields. Young adults engaging in conversation and developing friendships made at Youth Connect. Families bonding together and welcoming strangers and passers by and inviting them to have a cuppa or just listen to their life stories and needs. Inspirational sharing of life's events and foundational principles for authentic living.

An open gathering where strangers become friends together underpinned in the common goal of extending love for one another.

Ruth, Retired

Have found value in Open Roads meetings at Moffat Beach foreshore at several levels:-

  1. Youngsters enjoy vigorous open air interactions (mainly ball games)
  2. Adjacent adults on the foreshore (lone individuals or in small groups) can enquire into, or eavesdrop on, our programme of basic Christian learning/instruction.
  3. Regular attendees can enjoy safe, simple interaction (fellowship).
  4. Up to three generations of families can, and do, attend - provides a very positive form of interaction between generations.

Renee, Counselor

I have been attending Open Road Community Church since it began in 2022. To me, Open Road is like family, an intergenerational place of belonging. Gathering with others in Open Road encourages me, not only in my Christian faith but in matters of life in general. The thing I love about being part of Open Road is the opportunities we have to come alongside people to encourage and support them as we seek to be a blessing in our community.

Dan, Father, Tradie

We’re a family of 5 that moved to the coast in recent years (2 adults/ 3 teens).

Joining Open Road has meant that each member of our family has been able to make friendships/relationships and feel like we coasties… like we are part of the community.

Marcello, Dad, Carer

Open Road gatherings allow me to meet regularly in a community space, where I feel connected and a sense of belonging. My faith is important to me, and I am provided an opportunity to live this out by loving and supporting locals.

James, Father, Consultant

​“For a number of years now, our family has been a part of a number of groups Dan, Martine and others have led. Both Coastal Youth and the family groups have had a tremendously positive impact on our family, providing us with strong sense of community, a support network and friendship. Our children have developed wonderful friendships with other children, and we, as parents, have the support and access to years of wisdom from other parents. These groups have been an absolute blessing to us and many others doing life together on the Sunshine Coast.”​