Why we exist

Our mission is to help people Find + Follow Jesus. Whether you are interested in finding and following Jesus yourself or helping others to that end, we'd love to connect with, and encourage you.

How we fulfil our mission

We help people who are interested in following Jesus to foster three simple rhythms that we believe contribute to a thriving spiritual life:

Rhythm #1 Get to know Jesus

Rhythm #2 Invite others into your life

Rhythm #3 Gather and get involved

The goal is not perfection but simply experiencing more of the "abundant life" that Jesus said He would gift to all those who followed Him.

NOTE: Read more about how we came to believe these three, simple rhythms foster a thriving spiritual life.

Who is welcome

The Open Road is for anyone seeking a deeper spiritual life for themselves and those around them. Jesus called this kind of life an "abundant life" - we call it being fully alive.

While most of those who connect with us have some experience with Jesus or his teachings, absolutely everyone is welcome.

Who started it

In April of 2022, Brad and Marcello started gathering their families and anyone who wasn't a part of a church to connect each Sunday at Moffat Beach on QLD's Sunshine Coast. They were surprised when their simple gathering quickly turned into a growing bunch of individuals and families keen to re-connect each week!

A month later, Dan and Martine returned from a road trip and began to join them each week. After a short period of time they both felt led by God to stick with it and serve wherever they could. A couple of months later the church asked them to take on the leadership of this newly forming church.

Dan and Martine have been married since 2004, have 7 amazing children and live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. They have IT and Education backgrounds and have both completed post-graduate theological studies. Dan has pastored in QLD, Australia within both Baptist and ACC churches for a number of years. They are committed to helping people find and follow Jesus in simple and significant ways.

Who is leading it

After a wonderful Leadership Team took responsibility for the first 18 months of our church's life, we have recently nominated a small group of Elders (a Christian church's spiritual leadership team) to lead our church:

  • Dan Hill
  • Paul Lanham
  • Dan Harding

In 2024 we plan to add a larger number of people to take responsibility for (a) seeing our mission come to life in the individuals in our church and (b) the operational sides of our weekly and monthly church rhythms that support this mission in peoples lives.

Stay connected

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