G'Day All,

I'm sure you've all heard me encourage you into our three rhythms of life and faith: Know, Invite, Gather.

The third rhythm, Gather to encourage each other, involves you. Yes, you. All of you. Everyone who is reading this.

Gathering together as a church is not just an event you join in on, but one we all actively participate in. Actively is the key word because Jesus didn't invite us to gather for him, but to follow him individually!

We aren't gatherers of Jesus, but followers of Jesus.

While this may be a new concept for some, for 2,000 years Christians have been learning that each has a part to play in encouraging others. This encouragement is not merely a social, relational boost from a smile, handshake, hug or conversation. Rather, Jesus says that his Holy Spirit is within every one of us, equipping us with spiritual gifts that can bring spiritual encouragement to those around us.

Early in our gatherings, Marcello and I simplified the steps to participating in encouraging each other in our gatherings. We offered this simple launching pad:

  1. Connect [Start with a smile!]
  2. Listen [Jesus did it]
  3. Share [your story, a story, scripture a 'word' from God]
  4. Pray [as short as you want]

You may think...

But, I'm an introvert!
But, I'm new!
But, I'm new to church/faith!

These steps are challenging for many of us. However, I'd encourage you that looking for people to encourage at our weekly gatherings is not about "being a good Christian", but discovering that God has gifted and invited you (yes, you!) to bring spiritual encouragement to others.

I'm often preaching, praying or speaking to many people. That's my gift and calling in this season.

You may only talk to one person or family. But in that moment, you may be the gift of encouragement they need for that moment or season of their life!

woman walking beside wall with the best gift is you graffiti
Photo by Dakota Corbin / Unsplash

We don't all need to participate in the same ways each week, but together, our roles of encouragement are critical as we learn to follow Jesus each week.

So, thanks for not just gathering with us, but learning how to follow Jesus together.

What a joy.

Cheers, God Bless and see you Sunday,


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