G'Day all,

I'd love you to join us this Sunday for our first monthly gathering of 2024!

We are grateful to be meeting on Bob Grice's Nut Farm @ 209 Burgun Rd, North Maleny. Bob, a local 80-something macadamia farmer, built some dorms and a community hall on his farm for Christian camps, retreats and worship gatherings. It's beautiful, serene and perfect for us to gather, play games (footy, lawn games, ping pong or an old pool table in the hall!), explore the hills, share a picnic and then worship Jesus.

Relax, Explore + Play from 3 pm

There are some lawn games for us to use as well as some old darts, ping pong and table tennis (or BYO sports gear). There's plenty of room to run, hide and play some footy/cricket as well. You can also just relax on the grassy hills!

Gather from 400 pm, Eat from 415 pm

If we can all aim to be there around 4 pm, we can start to eat around 415. Our plan is for everyone to bring a picnic for themselves (and whoever is coming with you) plus a little bit extra to share with those around or those who come without.

Communion + Worship from 445pm

Sally + Tyler Contessi and their family are going to lead adults and kids alike in a short Bible reading, prayer and reflection on drawing near to God. They'll lead us into communion (hopefully on our picnic rugs) before we head inside for Jared and the team to lead us in worship.

Pack-up + Home at 545 pm

It's my deepest hope that we can start our year well - cherishing God, his presence and each other.

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Cheers + God Bless,


Coming Up


Sun 4 Feb 4pm Church Picnic, Games, Worship, Communion
Bob's Nut Farm, 209 Burgum Rd, North Maleny
Sun 11 Feb 4pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 18 Feb 4pm Moffat Gathering - Baptisms?
Sun 25 Feb 4pm Moffat Gathering

Our Mission

To help people find and follow Jesus.

Our Rhythms

Get to Know Jesus: how are you getting to know Jesus this week?
Invite people into your life: who can you intentionally open up your life to?
Gather and get involved: who can you connect, listen, share or pray with this weekend?

Our Giving

Please take time to ask God if there is someone in need around you whom God is wanting to help! Maybe God would have you and a friend meet the need directly, or maybe you feel Open Road could contribute?!

Last month's giving: $6,039
Last month's expenses: $5,003
Balance: $28,957
Giving Kitty Oct-Nov: $3,026
Giving out Oct-Nov: $1,190

"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." - Proverbs 19:17

If you would like to support what we are doing and our giving to those in need, you can get started with giving to Open Road to meet needs as a church or get in touch with any questions you may have.

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