As we've shared over the last two weekends, we are exploring a good opportunity for a more permanent location. In fact, this location would allow us to remain outdoors and by the beach whenever weather permits. However, the motivation isn't to get off the beach, but to simply discern if this is the next part of our story.

To submit a strong application, we need to show that what we are doing - gathering together, helping locals find and follow Jesus - makes a difference in our lives!

In last week's email I shared how there will be an appropriate time when you have a chance to share your story with others. This is one of those times when finding words to share your story will make a difference in your community!

If what we are doing together makes a difference in your life, could you express it in a sentence or two? Ideally, if you could use simple language to explain yourself that'd help people who don't follow Jesus undestand as much as possible :)

If you're willing, please follow this link to provide your support or just simply click REPLY and let me know!

Your story, no matter how short or simple, will help "put flesh on" our application.

As I've already said, this is a great exercise for us all, taking time to find words to share your story of faith. Whether you're just exploring faith, or have been growing for many years, your story can make a difference to our future.

Cheers and God Bless!


Sausage Sizzle Sunday

Join us this Sunday and we'll have some snags cooked ready to chomp at the end of our gathering around 415pm-ish. This should warm us up, and keep hunger at bay till we get home and get ready for the week!

Sausages on the BBQ
Photo by Jonathan Taylor / Unsplash


As we shared last week, we want to be asking God to speak to us on a number of topics:

  1. Rhythms: how will we foster our simple rhythms (know, invite, gather)?
  2. Elders: how will we structure our long-term leadership and who will be on the team.
  3. Generosity: how would God have us become the generous individuals and church he's called us to.
  4. Future: how and where will we continue to gather.

Church Family

  1. Praise God that Tyler + Sally's little boy arrived safe over the weekend!
  2. Thank God with Liz and Sam! Liz became a grandma for the first time last week and that makes Sam an uncle too!
  3. Thank God that many people are finding spiritual renewal in reading the Bible and experiencing a deeper faith in prayer!
  4. Pray for God to show us if we are to secure a new venue or not.

Coming Up

Sun 18 June  3pm Moffat Gathering + FREE BBQ
Sun 25 June  3pm Moffat Gathering

Sun 02 July     3pm Worship + Prayer Gathering. Location TBC
Sun 09 July  3pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 16 July  3pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 23 July  3pm Moffat Gathering

Our Mission

To help people find and follow Jesus

Our Rhythms

Know Jesus: how are you getting to know Jesus this week?
Invite people into your life: who can you bless this week?
Gather and get involved: How can you connect, listen, share or pray with others this week?

Our Giving

If there is someone in need around you we'd encourage you to team up with another Christian friend and ask God to show you how to meet their need directly. You can also get started with giving to Open Road or get in touch with any questions you may have.

Last mths giving: $9,260
Last mths expenses: $5,778
Bank Balance: $15,907 *
* NOTE: Our balance is down as we paid super + tax for the first time this week.

"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." - Proverbs 19:17

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