As we've shared over the last two weekends, we are exploring a good opportunity for a more permanent location. In fact, this location would allow us to remain outdoors and by the beach whenever weather permits. However, the motivation isn't to get off the beach, but to simply discern if this is the next part of our story.

To submit a strong application, we need to show that what we are doing - gathering together, helping each find and follow Jesus - makes a difference in our lives!

In last week's email I shared how there will be an appropriate time when you have a chance to share your story with others. This is one of those times when finding words to share your story will make a difference in your community!

If what we are doing together makes a difference in your life, could you express it in a sentence or two? Ideally, if you could use simple language to explain yourself that'd help people who don't follow Jesus undestand as much as possible :)

If you're willing to provide your support, please provide a simple repsonse below!

Your story, no matter how short or simple, will help "put flesh on" our application.

As I've already said, this is a great exercise for us all, taking time to find words to share your story of faith. Whether you're just exploring faith, or have been growing for many years, your story can make a difference to our future.

Cheers and God Bless!