"And he took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, 'This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.'"
Luke 22:19
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Sunday was a wonderful time to not only learn from Jesus but to obey him together. Sharing in the Lord's Supper on the beach was fantastic!

One of the great prayers to pray as we take communion whether together or alone is, "Come, Lord Jesus". The Last Supper is a meal given to us by Jesus to explicitly remind us that one day we will be reunited with Jesus face to face!

On Sunday I also shared about the great joy of sharing in communion also as a reminder that, at the very least, Christ is spiritually present with us right now, wherever we go! The location and presence of Jesus is something that has been hotly debated over the last two thousand years. For any of you from a different religious background, or who have a love for theology and history, you may enjoy reading this short, unemotional summary of the four historical views on Jesus' presence and the Lord's Supper!

Four Views of the Lord’s Supper | Ligonier Ministries
When Christians receive the Lord’s Supper, Christ Himself is present—but how? In this episode, Barry Cooper explains the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, and Zwinglian views of the Lord’s Supper.

If you're not going to digest that, then I'd encourage you to take some time to read along with us in the book of Acts! You can watch a summary video below or read online.

Acts 1 | ESV Bible | YouVersion
The Promise of the Holy Spirit In the first book, O #Luke 1:3 Theophilus, I have dealt with all that Jesus began #Luke 24:19to do and teach, until the day when #See Mark 16:19 he was taken up, after

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The Lord's Supper, Passover and assurance of salvation

On Sunday I shared about Jesus' command, "remember me", in the Lord's Supper (some call it communion or the eucharist). Below is a short encouragement from DA Carson on how the celebration of this significant meal in obedience to Jesus offers us great assurance of the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice!

For a more reflective communion moment, I was touched by Jonathan David Helser's Song, "I Am Your Beloved" during the week as I prepared to teach and lead us in the Lord's Supper.

"the one who knows me best is the one who loves me most"

Jonathan David Helser, "I Am Your Beloved"

Read Acts with us

This month we are reading the book of Acts! If you need a Bible, let us know or visit www.bible.com. Below is an 8min intro to the first half of the book of Acts!

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