G'Day all!

The below email is focused on some simple, but important updates on:

  • our October camping/cabining trip
  • an opportunity to meet the huge need for RE/RI in our local schools
  • what I'll be sharing this Sunday about the four areas we've been praying for!

Worship Gathering Details

Come and join us this Sunday for a time of worship and hearing and praying about what God has for us in the future. This is a great opportunity for every follower of Jesus to take time to say, "Thank you, God", for all you've done.

A new song Martine and I came across this week! A great artist for "devotional music" to encourage you to pray and meditate on God's Word.

Time: 3pm
Location: Caloundra Christian College / City Life Baptist, 7 Gregson place, Caloundra West
Bring: something to share for arvo tea, anyone you want to invite.

Some of the worship songs we have been singing this term!

Cheers, God Bless and see you Sunday,


Four areas of Prayer

We've been asking God to speak to us on the following areas of our church:

  1. Rhythms: how will we foster our simple rhythms (know, invite, gather)? I'll be sharing an encouragement for all of us moving forward.
  2. Elders: how will we structure our long-term leadership and who will be on the team? I'll share a fresh perspective I've had recently and outline a simple recommendation for a small, long-term team of spiritual leaders.
  3. Generosity: how would God have us become the generous individuals and church he's called us to? We are considering two simple strategies for stepping into more proactive generosity as a church of Jesus followers.
  4. Future: how and where will we continue to gather including our location? We'll give a brief update on the WindanSea option as well a brief outline of the way forward.

Want to go camping (or cabin-ing) together?!

As we've said in recent emails, we have a group of us camping Sat 7th Oct to Sun 8th Oct (add Friday if you're super keen!) at Borumba Deer Park. If you're interested, please contact Merrick ASAP on on 0455067336 / mav.spain@icloud.com so we can book room for you in the same location.

And YES, they have cabins too :)

CReP (Christian Religious Education Programme)

Did you know?
A principal in a state school must allow up to an hour every week for the teaching of Christian RI? Parents want it! Students love it, so much so we can't meet the demand!

Christian Religious Education Programme Sunshine Coast
If you have a couple of hours a week and would love the opportunity to share you faith with children, help them know who Jesus is and how much God loves them, become a Christian instructor or helper in the classroom now!

Can you help?

For more information:
Chat to Kenn + Yvonne who are joining us for worship this Sunday or chat to Dan.

Dan Harding 0402 301 568
Kenn and Yvonne Kilah 0412 793 701 (CreP Church Liaison Officers)

Coming Up

Sun 03 Sep    3pm Worship + Prayer Gathering. Location City Life Baptist
Sun 10 Sep    3pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 17 Sep  3pm Moffat Gathering + Baptism
Sun 24 Sep    3pm Moffat Gathering

Get ahead-of-the-game

Sun 01 Oct     3pm Worship + Prayer Gathering. Location City Life Baptist
Sat 07  Oct  Camping overnight! Day visitors welcome
Sun 08 Oct    TBC
Sun 15 Oct  3pm Moffat Gathering + Baptism
Sun 22 Oct  3pm Moffat Gathering
Sun 29 Oct  3pm Moffat Gathering

Our Mission

To help people find and follow Jesus

Our Rhythms

Know Jesus: how are you getting to know Jesus this week?
Invite people into your life: who can you bless this week?
Gather and get involved: How can you connect, listen, share or pray with others this week?

Our Giving

If there is someone in need around you we'd encourage you to team up with another Christian friend and ask God to show you how to meet their need directly. You can also get started with giving to Open Road or get in touch with any questions you may have.

Last months giving $9,349
Last months expenses $5,842
Balance $20,221

"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." - Proverbs 19:17

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