Because Finding + Following Jesus is best done together, we encourage every follower of Jesus to find your place to gather with other followers each week and to find a meaningful way to get involved.

Jesus didn't give specific requirements on how to gather, but by reading the Bible we see a few key ingredients: the people of God, the Word of God and the Spirit of God. While all are welcome, a gathering requires people who know and love God, who are listening to and sharing in His Holy Spirit and being guided and enriched by the Bible, God's Word.  

If you put these ingredients together you could find yourself in a lounge room with family and/or neighbours, in a park with people of a variety of ages, in a traditional church hall or even in an online chat room!

The point is that we gather regularly just like Jesus did and to be enriched and encouraged to continue to know and follow Jesus.

Once we find this gathering of people, it's important that we find meaningful ways to contribute to not just the gathering, but the lives of those who attend.

  • Make a coffee for someone new to your gathering
  • Learn the name of someone you don't know and listen to the story
  • Mow the lawns of someone who has physical challenges
  • Help those who don't know Jesus well come to understand who He is

Ultimately, it's about being exactly who Jesus said his followers would be - family!

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