Our deacons bear operational responsibility for our church's three rhythms: know, invite and gather.

Team Goal

Operational responsibility to ensure our rhythms are accessible to our church family.

Team Guidelines

  1. Support the vision, mission and strategy of Open Road.
  2. Attend the quarterly deacons meeting to remain aligned and effective.
  3. Fulfill the operational needs within your area of responsibility.

Operational Responsibilities

Our operational responsibilities are simple but significant and centre mostly around our three rhythms.


  1. Baptism: supporting people keen to get baptised and investing in their ongoing spiritual development.
  2. Resources: identifying resources that help individuals in our church think, live and breathe as God intended.
  3. Groups: identifying and organising short/long-term groups that foster our vision of people who are "fully alive".


  1. Giving Kitty: ensuring our church can respond to God's prompting to meet the needs of those around us.
  2. Open Homes: identifying and encouraging people whose hospitality gift can foster a culture of opening up our lives to those around us.


  1. Setup/Pack-up: identify + develop people to set up and pack up our gatherings.
  2. Bookmarks: organise + deliver to highlight rhythms and monthly bible reading.
  3. Preachers: identify + coach people to preach at our weekly gatherings.
  4. Hosts: identify + coach people to host our weekly gatherings.
  5. Bible readers: identify + organise people to read scripture at our gatherings.
  6. Communication: produce and send weekly SMS + Email communication.
  7. Worship: Oversee worship leaders, singers + musicians for monthly gatherings.
  8. Booklets: organise + print scripture, prayers and lyrics for monthly gatherings.

Organisational Administration

  1. Marcello will have opportunities for administrative tasks.


Imitate: ask no more of people than Jesus does. Keep our yokes easy.
Include: accommodate people in all seasons of life and faith.
Operate: Be responsible for all operational aspects of one rhythm.
Experiment: start small, Fire bullets, not cannonballs, welcome failure.
Minimise: only adopt strategies that are low-input, and high-output.
FeedForward: Regularly consider how to improve future outcomes.‬‬