Starting on your own

  1. Buy or request a Bible or download the Bible app in your language.

Starting with others

To start your own journey of helping people find and follow Jesus we'd suggest:

  1. Let us or someone else know!
  2. Invite some friends over and be hospitable to them!
  3. Open in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you
  4. Use a Bible, a 52 Follow Video message with questions or a 52 Follow Devotional booklet for some Jesus-content and questions.
  5. Focus on Jesus, keep it simple.
  6. Set some simple rhythms for yourselves...start with ours if you don't know what.

Next Steps

Once you have a sense that you want to continue gathering each week you may want to consider some further steps:

  1. Discover the simple practices of the first Christians via the First Followers course: loving, leading, giving, baptising, communion, bible teaching, prayer, worship and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Decide on a simple leadership structure that is transparent and informed by the Bible.
  3. Delegate any regular tasks (communication, organisation, food etc)
  4. Decide on a gathering format that is simple and significant, keeping the focus on Jesus.