Baptisms are one of the peak moments in the life of a church. Below is a brief outline of how you can baptise someone at Open Road or anywhere else God's people request it.


Ensure to welcome friends + family and then summarise the significance of baptism. If you're uncertain, read/watch our introduction to baptism first!

Who? Anyone who has put faith in Jesus

What? Act of loving obedience

How? Immersing all of the body

Why? Pledge of Allegiance & a public declaration of acceptance into God’s family


Ask: [Name], “Why are you getting baptised?”

If you have prepared a gift (certificate, Bible etc), give it to them now.

Baptism: Creek / Ocean

Pastor’s Declaration: [baptisee], God Loves and has brought you into His family through faith in Jesus. His Holy Spirit dwells within you and you will dwell with him forever. This baptism declares God has taken u from death to life.


PASTOR/LEADER: Do you believe Jesus lived, died, rose again to pay the penalty of sin?

Baptisee: “Yes” / “I do

PASTOR/LEADER: Do you repent of your sin and submit your life to following Jesus?

Baptisee: “Yes” / “I do


PASTOR/LEADER: Based on your faith in Jesus I now baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


  1. Encourage all those present to celebrate and cheer once the baptism is complete.
  2. Ask the baptised to cross their arms over their chest.
  3. With another trusted person - ideally of the same gender as the baptised - place one hand behind the baptised's back and one hand each on top of the baptised's crossed arms.
  4. Lower them down into the water, pause, then bring them back up!
  5. Everyone cheers!
  6. Lay your hands on them and be led by the Holy Spirit in praying for the filling, leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit throughout their life.